Find the Little Lost Sturgeon Contest

Find the Little Lost Sturgeon Contest

January 23, 2023 – February 13, 2023 all-day
Fond du Lac City Limits

We have a winner (yes, already). Stella the Sturgeon in the Find the Little Lost Sturgeon contest has been found!!! Winning details coming Thursday (January 26th)!!

Hello, my name is Stella the Sturgeon. I need your help because I’m lost! I really need someone to bring me home before Sturgeon Spectacular, so I don’t miss all the fun.

Before you run out to find me there are a few things you should know. – I am within the Fond du Lac City limits! I can easily be found without destroying property or tearing anything apart. I am outside! Oh yeah! And maybe the most important thing of all there is a $597.70 reward for the first person to bring me home!

The nice people at Destination Lake Winnebago Region and Sunny 97.7 are going to help you find me! Every other day (M-F) they will be publishing clues about where I am. These clues will be on Facebook (Destination Lake Winnebago Region Visitors Bureau at 8 am) (Sunny 97-7 at noon), Instagram (destinationlakewinnebago), and live on the radio (Sunny 97-7) at noon after the news! You can also find them on when you click the contest tab.

I really hope you find me soon! It is cold out here in the Wisconsin Winter. Please remember to be respectful as you look for me! I am just a little baby sturgeon, so be on the lookout!

See you soon!

• Stella the Sturgeon is hidden on public property; you do not have to dig or destroy anything to find it!
• She is not in a local cemetery, or on private property!
• The person who finds Stella will find further instructions on how to claim the prize.
• Winner must consent to a photo to be published across multi-platforms.
• Clues will not be given over the phone.
• Stella the Sturgeon will not be within 15 ft of any body of water.
• Contest ends Monday, February 13th at midnight.

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